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The best vintage furniture 
                                      Made in Italy

As leading company in the field of furniture in Verona, BT Mobili develops commercial strategies aimed at expanding sales of classical style furniture in Italy and abroad.

In fact, BT Mobili is a reference brand in the furniture market in Verona: since the beginning of the 1930s it stands out for the uniqueness of its products, which take inspiration from the Classicism of XVII century and from the french “grandeur” of XVIII century.

BT Mobili, a historical brand known and appreciated in Italy and worldwide for its functional yet sophisticated style, intends to expand its business in new markets by combining in its collections quality and creativity, while maintaining the basic lines of vintage hand-crafted items.

Our products









In our stock we have a wide selection of manufactured or semi-manufactured furniture in classical style. As far as forms and raw materials are concerned, our products are very refined since they take inspiration from the original tradition of furniture in French style. Thanks to the uniqueness of their details and timeless style our products are widespread across the world. Please contact us to receive the catalogue and for information about prices.

​Custom-Tailored hand-Crafted production and special prices




BT Mobili sells furniture in classical style made according to the traditional Veronese craftsmanship.All items are realized only from top quality Italian raw materials and the whole productive process is done in an environmentally correct way.BT Mobili guarantees the highest quality standards at the most convenient and transparent price.

​​Worldwide delivery









BT Mobili guarantees worldwide shipping with fast delivery time. Detailed information about delivery charges and terms will be sent to customers by e-mail.

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